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helping artists make a living and a life since 1991

July 1, 2022 — June 30, 2023

As we close our 2023 fiscal year, we’re thinking about all the futures that artists make possible. As an organization run for and by artists, we’ve seen first-hand how essential they are to movements for change and the advancement of equitable, human-centered systems.

When we say artists, we mean anyone who thinks creatively about the world and their dynamic place in it. That’s a broad definition, but necessary to acknowledge the world of visual artists, performers, writers, music creators, culture bearers, makers, artisans, storytellers, social conveners, idea purveyors, imaginaries, visionaries, students, teachers, organizers and nurturers that shape brighter, more just, and more vibrant futures for all of us.

The stories included in this report represents creative, collaborate efforts of people and communities across artistic mediums, geographies, and backgrounds. In summarizing this work, we hope what is shared here makes clear just what #CreativePeoplePower makes possible.

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